A Brand New Year in a Brand New Building

We are so excited to get this year started. There will be a lot to be excited about. A brand new school year and a brand new building. We will all be learning this school year.

All students must wear school issued id's. It keeps us all safe. We know the students should be here with their id's on. We have provided each student with an id and a lanyard(each student only receives one free lanyard). We will give them their first and second id free. The next will cost a dollar, the one after that two dollars after that. Students will be able to call home if they forget it or will be able to buy another one. If a student can not get an id, they will stay in SAC until they have one. Please help your students remember their id's. We suggest they leave them in their lockers at the end of the day so it will be there the next day. The safety of all students is everyone concern and it is important to know that the students in this building belong here.

You will still need a state issued picture id to check a student out of school.

We look so forward to working with your students. Should you ever have any questions, please call so we can help you.

Its a great day to be an Indian....pick up a book and read.


Melodye Brooks
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