Alvarado Junior High School

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Welcome to Eighth Grade Science!

About Me

First of all, it is important to know that I am a born and raised Alvarado girl (Fourth Generation!) and I bleed purple! It is so AMAZING to get to teach in my hometown, and it is my goal to give my students the same learning experience I received when I was in school here. This will be my fifth year of teaching at Alvarado. I absolutely love all the topics I get to teach, and I cannot wait to help my students learn and excel in my science class.


  I have a bachelor’s degree in Agriculture Extension and Industry from Tarleton State University. Now you may be saying, “That doesn’t pertain to science!” Agriculture though, is science, and it allows me to show students how important science is in real life situations. It’s imperative that students learn about the world around them, and how much their day to day life is impacted by SCIENCE!


 Science is truly a passion of mine, and I hope to make my students just as enthusiastic about the subject as I am!


Alvarado High School -2009

Tarleton State University -2009-2012

Certified Science 7-8


This will be my 5th year teaching science here at Alvarado Junior High.