Alvarado Junior High School

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Career Day provides insight for eighth graders

Eighth grade is an important year for most students as they begin to think about their future and what high school classes might put them on the path to being whatever it is they hope to be one day.

At Alvarado Junior High, an annual career day is designed to help students do just that … get a head start on thinking about the future.

“We want the students to have a realistic view of what educational paths to take in order to reach their career goals,” said Melodye Brooks, AJH principal.

The day, set up with conference-style sessions with presenters working in science and math careers talking to different sets of students throughout the entire day.

Some of the more popular sessions were those involving Alvarado graduates, which included Casey Stell (doctor), April Buckley (Surgical Nurse) and Rob Boyett (Computer Programmer) .

“How cool is it to talk with doctors and programmers that were once where they are literally, and worked hard to become who they are now,” Brooks said. “I’m extremely proud of all our graduates.”

Students also heard from engineers, an accountant, game wardens, a dentist, chef and attorney.