Alvarado Junior High School

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Board approves expansion of SRO program

Over the past few years Alvarado ISD has taken steps to help strengthen the safety of students and staff at each of its six campuses.

On Monday, the Board of Trustees approved the expansion of the School Resource Officer Program. Currently the school district has one School Resource Officer (SRO) that is provided through the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office.

School district administrators will begin working with the JCSO to find a second SRO that will serve alongside the current SRO.

“Officer (Glen) Woolsey is instrumental in our overall district plan to keep our schools secure,” said. Dr. Kenneth Estes, Alvarado ISD Superintendent. “Unfortunately it is difficult for him to provide assistance to all campuses while maintaining a constant presence at our high school.”

The additional officer will be based at Alvarado Junior High, but like Woolsey, will serve all of the campuses if needed.

“We strive to provide a safe and secure learning environment for all students and all employees,” Estes said. “With the increase in student population and the distance between some of our campuses, this was something we needed to do to make sure we are doing everything possible to keep everyone safe.”

Board members approved the naming of the building that will house the gym and four classrooms leftover from the former junior high building and the naming of the road that runs behind the junior high and to the visitor parking lot.

The building, which is now across the parking lot from the junior high will be named the Alvarado ISD Community Education Building. Community education programs like GED classes and bilingual classes will be housed there and the gym will be for community use.

The road that runs behind the new junior high and feeds into the visitor parking lot will be named ‘Caddo Trail’.

“We wanted to name the road north of the junior high to make it easier for visitors to find their way to the visitor parking lot,” Estes said.


In other business, the Board:

*Approved the SchoolMessenger contract renewal

*Approved the purchase of a new truck for the operations department

*Approved the employment of three new teachers