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 7th/8th AVID

Advancement Via Individual Determination



I graduated cum laude from the University of North Texas with a BA in General Studies. My areas of focus were Biology, Psychology, and Sociology. I am a certified Generalist 4th-8th.



Before teaching AVID, I attended the University of North Texas Health Science Center in the Physician Assistant Master’s Program. However, I made the decision to leave the medical field as I felt lead and called to teach. I have been teaching at Alvarado Junior High since 2009 and was named the 2015 Secondary Teacher Of the District. While at AJH, I have taught 8th grade science for 8 years, was the Science Department Chair from 2014 to 2017, and have had the great opportunity to teach AVID since 2015. I thoroughly enjoy being instrumental in preparing and motivating my students to be enthusiastic scholars!


About me:

When I’m not teaching, I enjoy spending time fishing, swimming and traveling with my husband.



Recent Posts

Reminder - AVID CTBA Tomorrow

This will be a test grade reflected on the 2nd Six Weeks Report Card. 

AVID Field Trip Permission Slip Forms

An email was sent today regarding the same information.  The original due dates was Monday October 2nd.  The extension due date is this Friday October 6th.  The two scheduled field trips will be to visit TCU on Oct 27th and and SAGU on Mar 2, 2018. Eligibility requirements are explained on the attached form. 

Assignment Reminders For This Week

Due Tomorrow & THURS - Tutorial Request Form (TRF), 
Due WED - 2 Cornell Notes and Updated Week 5 Planner (coded/completed)
DUE FRI - Parent Signature on Weekly Planner & Binder Check
TEST GRADE - Google Classroom Assignment "GPA Goal Setting 1.8)

AJH AVID Participating in Homecoming Foot Parade

I have emailed and sent a form home with students explaining that AJH AVID will participate in this event.  AJH AVID wants to do their part to help Alvarado Junior win the "Most Spirited Campus."  
When:  MON SEPT 18th      Where:  Charles Head Stadium.  
Arrival Time: 6:50PM           Event Starts: 7:30

GRADE - Binder Check Tomorrow!  Students should have their Week 4 Weekly Planner updated (picture above).  They are expected to update this planner at the beginning and end of each class to keep track of their assignments and responsibilities.  *PARENT Signature are required at the bottom of this page to verify that your child is communicating their responsibilities to you. 

Reminder - Binder Check Tomorrow

Students will need to have their week 3 planner updated, parent signature at the bottom, 1 C-Note from one core class, and C-Note over "Jason's Tutorial" video. In addition, it needs to pass the "shake test" (no papers should fall out of the binder). Binder checks will be every Friday. 

Reminder - Bring 3 Ring Binder & Dividers Tomorrow

Students are expected to bring a 3 ring binder along with dividers for tomorrow.  We will be setting up their binders to keep them organized for all their other classes.  Students were informed on the first day of school and were reminded again today in class.